Friday, 5 September 2014

Small chores..

Well, the painting continues..

While the paint dries I had to figure out something to do. I have planned to use magnets here and there and though to give those a try. 

At the early stages of planning I decided to make all the tall objects removable to make the storage of the hexes easier. There will be some pilars and it was easy to try the magnets here. So some drilling, a magnet and a metal ring, glue and some waiting to give the glue some drying time.

When the glue dried I realized that the bond between the magnet and the ring wasn´t nearly as strong as I hoped. The pilar dropped off as soon I tilted the hex. What a shame. I decided to try two magnets with the base of the statue and this was much more better.

This is a minor setback because I had planned to use the exact combo of magnet+ring on the hexes but that would be a hit and a miss if even a small pilar can brake the bond. It will be quite costly to use two magnets so I have to think about this little bit further.

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