Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Minor tweaking..

Sometimes it´s worthless to try to be accurate. I realized this when I tried to fit the hexes together. Because all of them are handmade there is always some minor differences and those really show up when trying to make "perfectly" invisible edges. I understood that only the top hex have to be precise. The lower hex and the mdf-base doesn´t have to be perfect and it would be even better that those would be little smaller than the top hex to make the seam invisible.

This led me to make some adjusments to the hexes. I decided to cut 0.5cm off from the edges of the mdf and then cut the lower hex slightly inclinated.  For the mdf I used my strusted and surgeon-precise saw!

It´s quite nerve wragging to cut a nearly finished piece but a man´s got to do what a man´s got to do.

Then some sliceing! (is that a word?)

I also had to file the edges of the hedges after the glue+sand mic because it was not as accurate that I had hoped.

This worked quite good. I won´t post a pic of this yet, because I started to paint the hexes(!!!!!YEAH!!!) and I want to show how this works when the current pieces are finished!

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