Saturday, 13 September 2014

Zombicide Season 1 fully painted!

Finally got the time and energy to shoot all the season 1 miniatures. You can find the pics from the Zombicide-page on the right.

It´s always funny to photograph your own miniatures because it gives you some self respect that you have really complished something worth of photographing. Here is my homemade photo set-up:

Sadly I have lost all my backround papers so I had to shoot against white. Have to find those before next shooting session.

Now that the Season one is painted and played through it´s time to start the Season 2! I think that this one is little bit faster to paint because many of the zombies have the same prison outfit ans there fore the same paint scheme. I also backed up the Season 3 so there will be lot´s of zombies to paint in the near future!

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